Sunday, December 22, 2013

evad3rs disable default TaiG installation in China until further notice

Following the backlash coming from the whole jailbreak community for bundling TaiG to theirevasi0n7 jailbreak, the evad3rs have decided to turn on the kill switch for this highly controversial feature in order to deactivate it while they investigate the piracy claims.
Earlier today, the evad3rs came forward acknowledging having inked a financial deal with Chinese installer TaiG. According to evad3rs, the agreement clearly required TaiG not to facilitate piracy, which turned out to be closer to wishful thinking than actual binding terms…
Apparently, TaiG didn’t respect its part of the deal as there were several reports from various sources about default repos clearly offering cracked and pirated apps to its users. Chpwn, for example, saw his entire catalog of tweaks offered as cracked versions in a default repo of TaiG.
In a tweet sent a few minutes ago, pod2g announced that the evad3rs have decided to remotely disable the default installation of TaiG in China until they can look further into the piracy claims. It’s actually good to know that TaiG installation can remotely be killed instead of requiring a repackaging of the evasi0n7 software.
As we discussed on the latest episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak (to be available soon), I believe evad3rs had the best intention when partnering with TaiG, but they might have been played by this company from which we don’t know much, if anything.
But is it already too late?
It’s not necessarily too late to fix the mistake, but it might be too late for the evad3rs to regain the trust they might have lost from some jailbreak users.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Infuse gains more video formats for free users, variable speed scrubbing and more

FireCore‘s versatile iPhone and iPad media player, Infuse, recently received a massive version 2.0 update sporting iOS 7-friendly interface while going free for everyone, with a couple advanced features locked behind a Pro in-app purchase. In today’s free update, Infuse 2.1 unlocks more video formats for free users while adding variable speed scrubbing option, support for an additional subtitle format, better translations and the usual assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements…
Free users can now play a wider variety of video formats and take advantage of subtitles in .smi format. The HTML-formated SAMI subtitle file type was developed in 1998 as a Microsoft accessibility initiative and is used nowadays to provide closed caption support for multimedia formats.
Content artwork as well as Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian and Spanish translations have been improved in this Infuse release. Another handy new feature is the variable speed scrubbing option which works just like the iOS system media player.

This lets you fast-forward or rewind your movie with precise control, simply by holding the playback position dot and dragging your finger down for finer control (or up to increase the scrubbing speed).
Like before, advanced features like network streaming, AirPlay, Dolby Digital mobile surround sound, support for even more file types and other perks are available as a one-time in-app purchase.
As far as the sound goes, Infuse supports AAC, AC3, FLAC, MP3 and OGG audio tracks and sports licensed Dolby Digital Plus mobile surround sound support. Though DTS isn’t supported, that feature is being prioritized so it’s a matter of when, not if.

The application will happily crunch 3GP, AVI, ASF, DVR-MS, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, OGM, OGV, WebM, WMV and WTV video formats and render DVB, DVDsub, PGS, SSA/ASS, SRT, SUB, Timed Text, VobSub, XSUB and MSI subtitle formats, with perhaps the most robust implementation of AirPlay subtitle streaming I’ve seen yet.
The app takes media files via the iTunes File Sharing method or directly, from FTP, WebDAB or network-attached storage. More on streaming from other devices, including Time Capsule, can be found here.
Other features in the works for Infuse 2.2: metadata for shared files, lots of networking improvements, sound boosting, support for Synology NAS along with folder creation and the ability to copy files directly from a NAS (or SMB) to the app and more.

Friday, December 13, 2013

iOS 7.1 expected to unlock ‘iOS in the Car’ feature

One of the big iOS 7 features Apple showed off during its WWDC event in June was callediOS in the Car. The feature allows for deeper integration between iOS devices and vehicles, enabling users to view iOS apps on factory in-dash displays.
Until now, the feature has not been available, but it looks like the upcoming iOS 7.1 update will change that. Earlier today, Apple seeded the second beta of the firmware to developers, and it includes a new Settings on/off toggle for a Car Display…

9to5Mac was first to report the newly-added feature:
Right on time, the latest beta of iOS 7.1 has added a toggle to enable or disable “Car Display” in the Restrictions Settings panel. We also understand from multiple sources that Apple has greatly increased the amount of iOS in the Car references in both iOS 7.1 beta 1 and in the new beta 2.
While it is always possible that iOS in the Car gets delayed further into 2014, it currently seems like Apple is targeting a launch for iOS in the Car alongside iOS 7.1 next year.”
And here, again, is Apple’s description of iOS in the Car:
“iOS in the Car seamlessly integrates your iOS device — and the iOS experience — with your in-dash system. If your vehicle is equipped with iOS in the Car, you can connect your iPhone 5 and interact with it using the car’s built-in display and controls or Siri Eyes Free. Now you can easily and safely make phone calls, access your music, send and receive messages, get directions, and more. It’s all designed to let iPhone focus on what you need, so you can focus on the road.” 
In June, hidden code was discovered within an earlier iOS 7 beta that suggested that iOS in the Car could connect with vehicles via Apple’s wireless AirPlay technology, as well as a standard USB connection, to mirror apps, Maps, and other data.
A number of car manufacturers—including Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Ferrari, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Volvo, Opel and Jaguar—have already pledged support for the feature. And this month, Honda took the first step with its HondaLink service.
On a conference call with investors, Tim Cook noted that iOS in the Car is a key part of Apple’s ecosystem.

Yelp updated with local movie listings, in-app ticket purchasing, and more

Yelp has posted a nice little update for its iOS client today. The update, which brings the app to version 7.4, sports a number of new features including movie listings and in-app movie ticket purchasing courtesy of Fandango.
Also new in the app is in-line review business photos. Yelp now shows business photos taken by Yelp users next to their review, so you can get a better idea of how popular a club is, or how delicious a particular entree was…
Here’s the full 7.4 change log:
- We’re now showing business photos from Yelpers next to their reviews. No more needing to imagine just how decadent the dessert was or how hoppin’ the club was, just take a look!
- We’re also now showing current movie listings and showtimes at your local theater. Thanks to our friends at Fandango, you can purchase your ticket right from the page. So stop stalling and go see the new Hobbit movie, we know you want to.
- Happy holidays from the Yelp Mobile team!
Yelp has been making some major moves with its service, and subsequently its mobile app, over the past several months. In November, it added a new SeatMe feature for making reservations at popular food and drink locations.
If you’d like to check out the new Yelp app, you can find the latest version in the App Storefor free.

Apple seeds iOS 7.1 beta 2 to developers: here is what’s new

Apple has released the second beta of iOS 7.1 to registered developers this afternoon. The update, which carries the build number 11D5115D, can be downloaded via Apple’s developer center.
Today’s release comes nearly a month after the first beta, which brought about only a handful of changes including a new ‘ dark keyboard’ feature, and other small tweaks and improvements…
The beta is available for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. We’re installing it ourselves, and will be reporting back with any new stuff we find. So make sure to check back with us.
As always, we welcome you to let us know if you find anything that we may have missed by either e-mailing us at, or leaving us a comment regarding the change below.

What’s new in iOS 7.1 beta 2

As we continue to dig through the new information in iOS 7.1 beta 2, we’ll be listing any major changes we find below:

Thanks juggernaut!
  • Animations are noticeably faster
  • Settings for Touch ID and Passcode have been bumped up to main menu
  • List view in Calendar has been redesigned
  • New option to turn on button shapes in iOS
  • Option to enable ‘dark keyboard’ has been removed
  • New iPad wallpapers

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Instapaper goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

Apple has named the popular read-it-later app Instapaper its App of the Week for this week. This means that through next Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up the application for both your iPhone and iPad, for free—a savings of $4.
For those unfamiliar with the app, Instapaper bills itself as the simplest way to save and store articles for reading. You can save content on virtually any device, like a bookmark, and return to it later for reading at your convenience…
Here are some of Instapaper’s more notable features:
Instapaper Core Features:
- Save most web pages as text only, stripping away the full-sized layout to optimize for the iPhone and iPad screens.
- Store up to 500 articles on your iPhone or iPad, and store unlimited articles on the Instapaper website.
- Read offline, even on airplanes, subways, on elevators, or on Wi-Fi-only devices away from Internet connections.
- Send to Instapaper from 150 other iPhone and iPad apps.
Additional Features:
- Adjustable fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins
- Dark mode and brightness control for night reading
- Automatic Dark and Sepia Mode switching for sunset times in your location
- Sort your list of unread items by popularity, date, article length, and shuffle
- Filter your list of unread items by reading time
And here are a few more screenshots for good measure:

I personally use Pocket myself, but the tower of accolades for Instapaper is tall. It’s been featured in both Apple’s iPhone and iPad App Hall of Fames, as well as several publications, and it has won a number of Editor’s Choice Awards.
I’d recommend grabbing it even if you don’t plan on using it right away. Instapaper isavailable in the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad, for a limited time, for free.

You can now control iTunes Radio via Remote app

After refreshing its free Remote app for the iPhone and iPad with some radical redesign to match the overall iOS 7 aesthetics, Apple has just put out a minor update adding a nicely done ability to control iTunes Radio from your iOS device.
But rather than stream iTunes Radio songs directly (and what would the point be in doing so knowing iTunes Radio is available within the stock iOS 7 Music app), the application simply controls the feature running in iTunes for Mac or Windows.
Previously, you could only control playback of music and other media kept locally in your iTunes library. If anything, this update will go down in history as a handy little enhancement that makes it ridiculously easy to control your iTunes Radio stations, skip songs and more, right across the room…
As long as your Mac or Windows PC running iTunes is on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad device running the new Remote 4.1, you’ll be able to access the new iTunes Radio tab at the bottom (see the images top of post).

The Now Playing screen for iTunes Radio in Remote 4.1 for iPhone and iPad.
Hitting the More… button lets you star a song like you would on a computer (or in the stock iOS 7 Music app), create a new station from the currently playing song, choose to never play this song again, play more songs like this or start the iTunes visualizer.

One caveat: you can’t use Remote to control iTunes Radio on your Apple TV.
In other Apple app updates today, iTunes Movie Trailers has been refreshed with performance improvements and bug fixes. And in a similar vein, the iTunes U app has resolved an issue where the playback speed button would not work as expected.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The 10 best health and fitness apps of 2013

I’m not one of those calorie counting fitness fanatics. I just really hate buying clothes and don’t want to have to purchase larger sized pants. In order to stay the same size and squeeze into my two-year-old jeans, I try to keep my eating habits and exercise routine as regular as possible.
However, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, I go off the wagon in a big way. Whether I’m guzzling eggnog by the gallon or munching on Christmas cookies, there is nothing stopping me from over-indulging for the holiday season.
If you are like me, you are probably going to need to invest in some quality fitness apps to shed the extra pounds in the New Year. The writers of iDownloadBlog have created a list of the 10 best health and fitness apps of 2013. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite for our Best Apps of 2013 list…


You’d be surprised how many steps per day you walk when you aren’t even trying to exercise. To keep track of your daily movement, get yourself a pedometer. Even better, download this app if you have an iPhone 5s and let it track your movement for you. You can adjust the gender and height and select a daily step goal. If you haven’t reached your goal by the end of the day, go for a special walk to catch up. You can even turn on the step counter badge and see how many steps you’ve taken without even opening the app. This app is available for free (requires iPhone 5s).

Nike+ Move

This was one of the most hyped apps to make use of Apple’s new M7 coprocessor. Nike makes it possible for you to capture your every move and keep you active. Not only can you track your steps, but with Nike+ Move, you can also measure a wide variety of activities. See when you are most active and increase movement during the slower times. Get a breakdown of running, walking, and sitting. See your movement on a map to track your most active moments. Enter your age, gender, and height to plan your exercise routine. This app is available for free (requires iPhone 5s).


I know we are going to get a bit of guff from some of you for including this app because it technically didn’t come out in 2013. However, it was so well liked amongst the writers since its 2013 complete redesign that we decided to include it anyway. What makes Moves special is that, when everyone else is making apps exclusively for the iPhone 5s, this one still makes it possible for old dogs to keep track of their movements. Using GPS and your device’s accelerometer, your running, jogging, and cycling exercises are at your fingertips. If you do have an iPhone 5s, you can also track all of your daily movement. This app is on sale for $0.99 (regularly $2.99).


Nike might have been one of the first to use the M7 coprocessor, but Argus is THE first appto use the motion detection technology on the iPhone 5s. This app features a multitude of ways to track your daily activity. You can keep track of your movement, sleep, food intake, water consumption, and more. Set a goal for maintaining each of your activities and enter pertinent data each day. See all of your health and fitness activity in one convenient honeycomb patterned display. This app includes a step tracker, calorie counter, GPS reader, food diary (including pictures), and more. As you track your activities, see your daily, weekly, and monthly trends on a graph. This app is available for $1.99.


This specialized training app makes it possible for you to track each of your workout sessions. With an interactive real-time tracker, you’ll be able to tailor your sessions to your daily routine. The sessions evolve as you do. So, if 200 sit-ups start to get to be too easy, you can increase your workout plan accordingly. The app features motion capture 3-D animations that lead you through every exercise. You can even rotate the view to see your workout from every angle. Everyone progresses at a different rate and with UniqueTrainer, you can keep your workout compatible with your progress. This app is available for $1.99.

7-Minute Workout (High Intensity Training)

This app is based on the “Scientific 7-Minute Workout” but has been tweaked just a little. Instead of forcing everyone to fit into one workout, this app has been fine-tuned to make it possible for users of all fitness levels to take advantage of the high-impact workout safely and effectively. There are 200 unique exercises, each with its own video, coaching points, and an interactive voice coach. If you are on the road, you can still workout with more than 100 bodyweight related exercises. Personalize your workout by mixing and matching daily seven-minute routines. This app is available for $1.99.

Performance Stretching

Stretching is a very important part of staying fit and protecting your body from strained muscles. Even if you don’t exercise at all, stretching should be part of your morning routine. This app features more than 150 different dynamic stretches, which are full movement stretching routines that help increase blood flow, reduce tightness, and help you improve your athletic performance. If you are running, cycling, rowing, or following a high-impact workout regimen, Performance Stretching will help you get the most out of your muscles.This app is available for $2.99.


Nothing is more important to your health and fitness than getting a good night’s sleep. If you ask around, you’ll discover that the average person does not get enough daily rest. Even if you can’t sleep for six hours per night, you can keep your mind rested with daily meditation sessions. You don’t have to get on the floor in the lotus position in your office in order to relax your mind. Take 15 minutes per day to turn off your stress and go to a comfortable place in your mind with the natural sounds of Relaxia. Choose from rain and thunder, beach sounds, underwater ocean life, fire, and forests. Set a timer and either let the sounds of nature lull you to sleep or calm your mind for the day ahead. This app is available for $1.99.

Fit Star: Tony Gonzalez

Having a professional football player as your personal trainer may have been something you only dreamed about in the past, but not anymore. Even if you’ve never held a football, you can get a workout that is right for you. Start by participating in the beginning training sessions and rate each exercise based on how difficult it was for you to complete. Then, based on your activity, a workout routine will be offered to you. You can purchase workout packages based on how committed you are to spending time with the program. If you only want a five minute warm up routine each day, spend a few dollars on the “Daily Dose” program. If you are ready to turn mass into muscle for the long haul, purchase the “Get Committed” program for $29.99. This app is available for the iPad for free.

 Runtastic Six Pack Abs

One section of the body that most people complain about not being happy with on their own body is the stomach. No matter how much we workout or how far we run, it seems like our bellies still jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. Runtastic offers the perfect workout for tummy tuckers of all levels. Whether you want abs of steal, or just to stop hanging out over your pants, you’ll find the right exercise routine to make your mid section look the way you’ve always wanted it to. There are more than 50 instructional videos with dozens of pre-defined workouts. You can customize your workout to target areas you want to work on the most.This app is available for $1.99.

Walmart to start selling iPhone 5c for $27, 5s for $127 this Friday

The Los Angeles Times is reporting this evening that, as part of a holiday sale, Walmart plans to begin offering the iPhone 5c for $27 and iPhone 5s for $127 with a two-year contract from AT&T or Verizon this Friday.
Now, we’ve seen several deals on these two handsets over the past couple of weeks, but many of those were Black Friday specials that have since expired. So if you’re in the market right now, this may be your best bet…
“As part of a holiday sale starting Friday, Wal-Mart plans to offer the iPhone 5c for $27 with a two-year contract from AT&T or Verizon. That’s a huge discount on the iPhone 5c, a $99 model that Apple introduced just three months ago.
The iPhone 5c has struggled to sell and Wal-Mart has been discounting it since it was released in September. Friday’s sale price won’t be as good at what Wal-Mart offered on Black Friday — $45 for an iPhone 5c with a $75 gift card thrown in — but you’ll be hard pressed to find the iPhone 5c for cheaper than $27.”
Rodriguez doesn’t mention a specific model for either of the two iPhones, but we’re guessing that the deal applies to the 16GB versions of both. Also, it’s worth repeating again that these prices include a 2-year contract.
Walmart’s Friday sale also includes other electronics, video games, toys and clothing. The event is set to kick-off Friday morning at 8 am local time and sale prices are good through December 24, or while supplies last.

Google Maps now lets you see flight, hotel and restaurant reservations from Gmail

It’s been some time since we’ve seen a meaningful update to Google Maps for iPhone and iPad, especially givenGoogle Maps is probably the Internet giant’s most popular product, afterSearch.
As if reading our mind, just an hour ago the firm has quietly pushed a minor update into the App Store. The new Google Maps version 2.5 comes with a few bug fixes and brings with it a cool new feature which lets you see your reservations from Gmail on the map.
Say you made a flight, hotel or restaurant reservation. Upon receiving the confirmation email in Gmail, Google can now take this information (they are already doing this for Google Now cards, by the way), extract the address and show you precise locations for these items within the Google Maps iOS app.
It’s a minor, albeit welcome, enhancement that will up competition a notch for Apple’s own iOS Maps app. I love how little things like this make Google Maps more integrated with other Google apps. We’ve seen Google do this frequently and my guess is they’ll continue to leverage their premium iOS apps to build a platform on top of iOS, so to speak…
iTunes release notes list no changes aside from this new feature and bug fixes.
By the way, you haven’t forgotten about the caching trick, have you?
To make the currently viewed map and the surrounding areas available offline, tap the search box and type in ‘ok maps’ and hit Search. There should appear a large Google Maps icon that’s progressively filling as the area gets processed for offline caching.
The download comes in at a rather paltry eleven megabytes. The app is universal so all your form-factor iDevices are supported natively, as long as they run iOS 6 or later.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twitter 6.0 is out with new design, DM photo-sharing and more

Twitter has updated its official iOS client today, bringing the app to version 6.0. The update is a fairly significant one, bringing about a new look and feel for the app, as well as photo-sharing for direct messages, improved search and more.
The new look pushes the UI of the Twitter app further into iOS 7 territory. There’s more white spacing—the menu bar at the bottom is now all white— and texts and graphics seem flatter. And Twitter has added various other enhancements…
Here’s the 6.0 change log:
New design.
- Refreshed look and feel. Home, Activity and Discover now available by swiping in Timelines. Easier access to DMs.
Share photos in Direct Messages.
- Send and receive photos via DMs.
Notifications from your network.
- Choose to view replies, retweets, and favorites from only the people that you follow.
Search got even easier.
- Access tweets from people you follow and near you, directly from search results.
Safari Reading List support
- Save web articles to read later with Safari Reading List
I actual really like the design tweaks Twitter has made today, and I especially like that they’ve simplified the menu bar. Where as before it read Home-Connect-Discover-Me, now it reads Timelines-Notifications-Messages-Me. Much more clear.

Fantastical 2 updated with support for TextExpander 2.3 and Waze maps

My favorite calendar app for iOS—Fantastical 2—has been updated with a few new features that you should know about. First up is support for the latest version of TextExpander. As we told you about in an earlier post, TextExpander was forced to change its approach to sharing snippets. As a result, any app that features TextExpander support must be updated to retain snippet functionality.
The second feature to be found in Fantastical 2′s latest update is support for Waze. If you have the GPS and navigation app installed on your iPhone, you can now upon location links using Waze instead of Apple Maps or Google Maps. These, and other changes make the cut in Flexibits’ latest update to Fantastical. Check past the break for the full change log.

New TextExpander Snippets link and Open Locations in Waze support
Along with the aforementioned updates come the obligatory bug fixes, including a fix for editing recurring Google Calendar events. Here’s a list of everything included with Fantastical 2.0.3
  • TextExpander support now requires TextExpander 2.3 or later
  • Added option to open maps in Waze
  • Fixed problems when editing recurring events with Google Calendar
  • Fixed an issue where future events wouldn’t load if lots of reminders exist
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
Fantastical 2.0.3 can be downloaded right now from the App Store. The total size of the update is 16.4MB, and it’s a free update for existing users. New users can get in the game for $3.99, a fair price for what is widely regarded as the best calendar app available on iOS.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Square introduces new card reader developed by Apple’s Lightning plug designer

Square unveiled a new version of its Square Reader accessory today, which is used to input credit and debit cards into the Square app. It says the new Reader is roughly 45% thinner than its predecessor, and is more accurate at reading cards thanks to its new design.
But what makes the new device really interesting is who designed it. According to a report from Wired, Square’s new ultra-thin card reader was developed by a team led by Jesse Dorogusker—a former Director of Engineering at Apple and developer of the Lightningplug…
Here’s Wired’s Kyle VanHemert in a profile about designing the new Square Reader:
“Jesse Dorogusker is used to working tiny. Before becoming Square’s VP of Hardware, he spent eight years leading the accessories division at Apple, heading the development of the works-both-ways Lightning connector. With the new Reader, he had the chance to take a crack at a flagship product.”
VanHemert goes on to explain how Dorogusker and his team were able to create the new Reader that was both slimmer and more accurate than beforet. The process is interesting, and actually sounds a lot like what Dorogusker did at Apple with the Lightning connector.
If you’re interested, the new Square Reader can be purchased online and in retail stores beginning in January or you can grab it for free now from Square’s website. And of course you’ll need the corresponding app, Square Register, to use it, which is free from the App Store.
For information on Jesse Dorogusker and the design process behind the new Reader, click here.

Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos app updated with iPad support, video playback and more

Folks who use Amazon’s Cloud Drive service will be happy to hear that it has posted a significant update for its iOS Photos client this afternoon. The update, which brings the app to version 2.0, adds native iPad support, video playback and other improvements.
Here’s the 2.0 change log:
• Native support for iPad and iPad mini
• Protect your personal videos in your Cloud Drive
• Upload or download video up to 2GB or 20 minutes in length
• Playback saved video streamed instantly to any device
• Crash and bug fixes
Amazon introduced the Cloud Drive Photos app in May of this year, as a way of making it easier for iOS users to upload their photos and videos to their Cloud Drive accounts. It also allows them to view these files, as there’s no official Cloud Drive iOS client yet.
Of course you’ll need a Cloud Drive account to take advantage of this app, and if you don’t already have one, Amazon is giving away 5GB of storage for free. For those that do have one, you’ll want to grab this update, which you can find in the App Store for free.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wallpapers of the week: sunny clouds and Steve Jobs

We are back again, with another great offering for the Wallpapers of the Week section. There are always great images from which to choose and this week is no exception. Today, I cannot say the options are seasonally specific, but great wallpapers are great wallpapers.
Make sure to keep submitting your wallpapers for consideration as the section is maintained by the readers. The only way for this section to continue running is for readers to keep submitting their works of art. Download the wallpapers inside and find out how to get your images featured on iDownloadBlog…


Today’s featured wallpapers are images by @Frenchitouch. The first image, “Clouds” is a playful, cartoon recreation of a blue sky. The image looks great on all iOS devices and the contrast between the blue and white makes the wallpaper really pop. Secondly, “Steve Words” is an excellent tribute to one of the world’s greats innovators. With the layout, it should make a perfect Lock screen wallpaper.
As many of you expressed, full wallpaper packs are preferred, with all devices offered. These are very difficult to come by, but Frenchitouch blessed us with images for the entire lineup. Make sure to give him a shout on Twitter @Frenchitouch, check out his Deviant Art gallery, give his tumblr page a visit, and visit his website.

CloudsiPhone 4 | iPhone 5 | iPad | Desktop

Steve WordsiPhone 4 | iPhone 5 | iPad | Desktop


To download these wallpapers, click the representative link for your device. Once the full resolution image loads, tap and hold, then save to Camera Roll. Access the image from either or and set as wallpaper. From a desktop computer, right click save the full resolution image to the iTunes sync folder and then set the image similarly.

The 10 best weather apps of 2013

As 2013 inches closer to its last days, we take time to reflect on everything that we have experienced over the past year. With 365 days of apps and games to sift through, it is hard to figure out which ones are the best. Don’t worry, you are off the hook. We took care of it for you.
Take a look at our list of weather apps that the writers of iDownloadBlog consider the best of this year’s releases. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite one for the Best Apps of 2013 list…

Yahoo Weather

When Yahoo launched its weather app ahead of the iOS 7 release, the iOS world went wild for it. The beautiful design mixes stunning photography with minimalistic graphics and made this app more popular than Apple’s animated native weather app. You can bookmark cities to keep track of weather around the world, see an hourly prediction of the day’s temperature, and check out a 10-day forecast for future planning. This app is available for free.

Perfect Weather

The app’s description says it all. Some weather apps are designed to look pretty, but don’t offer a lot of functionality. Some are overloaded with information and don’t make it easy to look at. This app combines a little of both categories to offer a comprehensive weather tracker, while maintaining the attractive simplicity we’ve come to love. View radar maps, check detailed current conditions, and access the temperature chart for hourly forecasts.This app is available for $2.99.

Weather Line

Not everyone needs pretty pictures and simulated rain clouds in order to read the weather forecast. Sometimes, graphs and charts are better understood than illustrations of kids in hoodies and scarves. Weather Line takes the weather imagery out of the equation and replaces it with line graphs to give you a better understanding of the day’s changes. See temperature, condition, and precipitation on a single graph with a forecast from 36 hours up to 12 months. Check monthly rainfall averages for a particular region. Get severe weather warning reports from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This app is available for $2.99.

Today Weather

Sure, you can just look outside to get an idea of whether it is cold, hot, snowing, or windy. However, most people leave the house for hours at a time, which means they may be walking out during heavy rain, but will be sweating by the time they go to lunch because of the sudden change in temperature (it happens in California all of the time). This app gives you a simple, but useful outlook on today’s weather forecast. Check for hyperlocal precipitation information, get hourly details on weather conditions, and prepare for your day with the “Today” section. This app is available for $1.99.


Going back to what I mentioned above under Weather Line, some people prefer visually attractive weather apps with good illustrations and a minimalistic design. Shade fits right into that category with a clear overview of the day’s forecast, displayed with simple graphics and varying colors to represent the temperature. If it is hot, the screen will turn shades of red, orange and yellow. If it is cold, you’ll see blues, green, and purple. You can also see the changes in weather listed on a line graph. Tap the graph to get a look at more detailed information on weather conditions. This app is available for $1.99.

Nice Weather 2

Another example of an attractive, minimalist design with accurate weather information is Nice Weather 2. This app uses gradients and particle effects that are dependent on the weather conditions. The particles move across the screen, depending on the speed and direction of the wind. Using gesture-based controls, users can interact with the forecast. Slide your finger along the graph to watch the weather predictions evolve. Slide along the timetable to change days. Tap the thermometer, cloud, wind, or compass to change their values. This app is available for free.


You want to talk about a minimalistic weather app… this one is about as minimal as they get. You can easily see the current temperature just by opening the app. The screen is brightly colored with a hue that represents the temperature and the exact degree is displayed in the center. You can also see a five-day forecast, check out wind speed using the gyroscope, and navigate using motion. Background animations will show you the following day’s weather trends. This app is available for $2.99.


This is the perfect app for the no-frills business-minded user. You get a live and infograph of the entire day’s weather. You’ll be able to see hour-by-hour, what to expect in the day’s weather forecast, including clouds, rain, snow, and temperatures, all on one graph. See a seven-day forecast with visual reports and narrative summaries. Weathertron gets its data from 16 different weather data sources and statically aggregates them so you will have the most accurate weather conditions in your area. This app is available for $0.99.


This is another visually stunning minimalist app that looks great and does very little. That is a good thing for some people. Blue gives users a 36-hour forecast for their current location. Swipe upward to see the color gradient change based on the hourly change in weather conditions. Colors are based on temperature, humidity, and sunrise or sunset times for your current location. The temperature is automatically set to Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on where you are at. This app is available for $0.99.

NOAA Weather Radar

The NOAA is the U.S. federal agency put in charge of predicting weather conditions across the nation. They use all of the resources at their disposal to predict and track weather conditions, storm activity, air quality, and more. This app lets you track storms, check weather predictions, and view radar and satellite maps that offer precise weather data. You can customize locations, see hourly forecasts, and see what the temperature feels like.This app is available for free.